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GPS Cell Phones


It looks like the need for a GPS cell phone may be increasing.

If you are driving on an unfamiliar highway and witness an accident, you call 911 but your not sure exactly where you are, if your Already in the works is E911.

E(nhanced) 911 is a program mandated by the U. S. FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

It requires the location of any cell phone used to call 911 can be determined to within 50 to 100 meters.

The law takes effect at the start of 2005. That means cell phone manufacturers need to incorporate a GPS receiver in virtually every cell phone.

A side benefit of this law is now we have the combination of a cell phone and GPS which is good for two additional uses:

1) driving directions in your automobile and;

2) the ability to use a cell phone as a handheld GPS for out-of-car purposes.

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